Pastries are perfect when you’re having a party or gathering and you want to offer a unique variety of desserts. With this in mind, we have prepared a simple list of our vast repertoire of fine pastries. This style of dessert works well for almost every situation; showers, luncheons or brunches, home entertaining, cookouts and buffets.

As available in store, or place an order. We request a minimum order of one dozen, you choose any one variety. If you desire a mix, then we will choose your selection of our finest pastries available.

Chocolate Mousse – Our smooth, creamy chocolate mousse is made with the highest quality chocolate and the freshest dairy products. Cinnamon Roll Bread Pudding – Our cinnamon roll bread pudding is elegant comfort food.
Creme Brulee – Our creme brulee is a creamy custard, classic dessert made with cream, egg yolks, sugar and a touch of magic. Crumble (Seasonal Fruit) – Our crumble is made with seasonal fresh fruit and baked to perfection.
Diplomat – Made with two layers of flaky pastry, sponge cake and vanilla cream madame. Double Chocolate Brulee – Our double chocolate brulee is an incredibly satisfying chocolate indulgence.
Fresh Fruit Tarts – Small cookie shells are filled with Cream Madame, fresh seasonal fruit and glazed with Apricot. Hedgehog – Whimsical party treat made with almond creme and ganache.
Lemon Tart – Creamy, tangy lemon tarts sizzle the taste buds. Lime Tart – Our tangy lime tart will delight the senses.
Marjolaine – Marjolaine is a creation of decadent layers of pastry and creme. Petit Eclairs – The classic long cream puff filled with Vanilla Cream Madame.
Rosebuds – Always a favorite. Chocolate sponge cake filled with whipped cream and dipped in ganache, garnished with a rosebud. Swan – The classic cream puff filled with chocolate Cream Madame, tart red cherries, fresh whipped cream and garnished with a Swan neck and wings.
Swiss Florentine – Rich frangipane cake dipped in bittersweet chocolate with a broiled almond topping.

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